The ATC exam syllabus counts towards BTECs in Aviation Studies and Public Services - get both of these and you've the equivalent of another 4 to 5 GCSEs!

We have an extensive land-based programme of activities and projects, such as:

Drill & Ceremonial

Drill & Ceremonial

Drill is the starting point for learning teamwork. It gradually builds up until you can really take pride in your ability and maybe even end up on a Royal parade. Being smart isn't difficult; it's all about learning to take care of yourself.

Radio & Communications


The use of radio can play a large part in developing every day communication skills. Being able to speak clearly and concisely, conveying information without undue hesitation, is a great confidence booster.

But radios aren't the only way to communicate. Many units create their own newsletters or run their own websites. Take a look at our Unit Listing to see what your local squadron is doing.