Flying and gliding

“It's great - I took control and did a loop”

That's the kind of thing we hear from many cadets the first time they go flying.

Grob Tutor

All cadets get to fly* and the training is progressive, starting off as a passenger, then taking the controls all the way up to going solo. A number of cadets will qualify as glider pilots before they are legally allowed to drive. Others go on to become instructors whilst still cadets!

Cadets will fly in the Grob Tutor, one of the newest aircraft in the RAF inventory. This is a two seat dual control training aircraft. Each year many cadets win a flying scholarship, gaining them 20 hours of tuition, half the requirement for a Private Pilots Licence.

Grob Viking

The ATC owns the largest fleet of gliders in the World. A combination of the winch launched Viking, a high performance glass fibre glider, and the self launched Vigilant motor glider.

Cadets in Essex benefit from having their own Volunteer Gliding School (614 VGS) at Wethersfield, near Braintree.

*All flying is subject to certain medical restrictions and parental consent.